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The Lost Merchant is a partnership between two small businesses located in Abilene, Texas. Let us introduce ourselves! We are Robin, of Lost and Found and Margarita, of MW Merchant. We first crossed paths when we set up shop with our husbands at Rust and Roses, a well known antique store in the heart of Texas. When we look back at how both businesses started working together, we could say that it was just ‘meant to be’.

When we first started in this business,  we both used latex paint and mixed it to make our own chalk paint. We have come a long way since then and fell in love with two quality paint lines. We trust the value and product of these two labels. The Lost Merchant is now the retailer of the two best paint lines in the market, Junk Gypsy™ Paint and MudPaint. We are the founders of DIY Paint Workshops and DIY Pop Up Shops. DIY Paint Workshops conducts 2-4 classes per month at different venues around town.

The Lost Merchant has recently become a retailer of Min-Wax and have created a small DIY Paint Market at Rust and Roses for DIY’ers and dealers.

Our small business has expanded to selling furniture and other home décor items to include custom furniture painting. The Lost Merchant has grown so much within the past year and we are only hoping to continue our growth in the years to come!

Robin and Margarita 

@The Lost Merchant

The Lost Merchant

A Curated Home Design 

We offer a curated selection of furniture and other trendy home décor items to include custom furniture painting design services. The Lost Merchant hopes to inspire you to look at your own living space in an intentional way and incorporate it into your own story. Your home is an extension of your personality and it should create a place of inspiration, relaxation and joy.

We are located inside Urban Relics at 4546 S. 14th in Abilene, Texas.